Refurbished Polycom CX 300 2200-32500-025

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Polycom CX 300 Business Media Phone Features:

  • 4x3 Dialpad
  • Redial key
  • Flash Key
  • Delete Key
  • Mute/un-mute key
  • Speaker on/off key
  • Handset/headset key
  • Volume up/down key
  • Off hook indicator
  • Voice messaging indicator
  • Speakerphone indicator
  • Headset indicator
  • Call forwarding indicator
  • Multi-color LED presence indicator

Polycom CX 300 2200-32500-025

The Polycom CX300 Microsoft Lync USB Phone (2200-32500-025) reimagines the USB desktop phone by offering a two-line monochrome display, a telephone keypad and wide-band high-fidelity audio. The Polycom CX300 seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Lync® and combines the look, sound, and feel of a conventional, enterprise-grade telephone with plug-and-play ease of use.

With the Polycom CX300, you get clear, high-definition, wide-band audio, which maximizes the accuracy and productivity of real-time conversations whether in handset, full-duplex speakerphone, or headset mode; The familiar dial pad and display of a traditional phone that will allow you to easily use the phone from the from the start for intuitive plug-and-play functionality.